What is an Anonymous VPN

The term “anonymous VPN” has been thrown around alot lately in the file-sharing community, and you may wonder what it means. Let’s look into the inner workings of anonymous VPN’s and see how they might fit into our needs.

Anonymous vs. Non-Anonymous VPN

What’s the difference between an anonymous VPN and a standard VPN? Aren’t all VPN’s anonymous? The answer, to this question, of course, is yes. But to varying degrees. Any VPN will encrypt your data and give you some amount of location based anonymity (assuming your VPN server isn’t where your connection is also originating from) but there are additional steps that you (or your VPN provider) could take to make your experience even more anonymous.

So what makes a VPN ‘anonymous?’

Basically, you’re looking for a few things to increase your privacy online.

  1. The VPN offers solid encryption
  2. The VPN gives a certain amount of IP and Location based privacy
  3. The VPN doesn’t monitor or log your online activity
  4. Ideally, the VPN will not log your connection activity (connections to the VPN server)

These additional layers of privacy will make it very difficult for someone to identify you solely based on your IP address (which is pretty much the only personally identifiable information available to a bit-torrent swarm. If you’re wondering where to get started in your search for the perfect anonymous VPN, the Best Bittorrent VPN has put together an excellent article on the best anonymous VPN for torrents at http://www.best-bittorrent-vpn.com/vpns-that-allow-bittorrent-and-keep-no-logs.html

The number one focus in that article is choosing VPN’s that keep no logs whatsoever (which is pretty rare in the VPN industry) though slowly becoming more common do to the increased privacy demands of their subscribers.

We recommend you do your own research online, though the Torrent VPN Guide is a great place to start.

What are the Names of some Anonymous VPN’s?

There are a couple industry leaders in VPN anonymity that are worth looking at if you need an anonymous VPN.

IPVanish has made great strides in anonymity and they also have the second most server locations of any major VPN provider. They don’t keep any logs and have excellent security features built into their VPN client.

Private Internet Access has been around for years and is another non-logging VPN provider with excellent security features in their software. They have a VPN kill switch that will block all internet traffic in the event that you disconnect from the server by accident. They also are very torrent friendly and in fact allow bittorrent use on all servers in all countries.